Happy Cards – Inspirations & Affirmations for living a Happy Life


Let your inner happiness compass lead you wherever your happiness lies.

Be Inspired Be Bright Be Happy Be YOU

  • 60 unique messages.
  • 90mmx50mm (small enough for your purse, big enough to change your BELIEVE OF SELF).
  • 60 unique designs to colour your life with happiness.
  • 60 inspiring messages to empower you.
  • Stick your favourite card on fridge, car dashboard, in your wallet, computer, cell phone.
  • Written & designed by Anjana Lala.


Happy Cards are a deck of 60 cards. Practical design to fit your wallet.

Happy Cards are a wonderful gift to spend those precious 5 quiet minutes with yourself everyday, that allow you take a breather and recharge your spirit.

These colourful cards have been designed to shift your perceptions to a happy one. Created to help you think about life situations from a new perspective & connect to that “limitless well of knowing we all have inside”.

Use Happy Cards for inspiration– pick a card & it will guide you in life with the assistance of your inner wisdom. The inspirations messages are often reminding us of what we already know. The affirmations support us to flip that internal light of awareness and happiness switch. Let your inner happiness compass lead you wherever your happiness lies

Happy Cards now feature 60 unique designs, created to help integrate each powerful message on every level of your being and life.

© 2016, Nicole Barratt. All rights reserved.

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Dimensions 90 x 50 x 5 cm


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