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We live in uncertain and challenging times, which is disrupting our lives Greatly! Navigating through life can be challenging. It has undoubtedly brought on worries, anxiety and stress. This 5 Day Challenge will kick-start your journey to build up resilience. Resilience is a learned skill that can help you thrive in uncertain times. 


Resilience Challenge One of its Kind

For 5 days, we will bring you a one-of-its-kind Resilience Challenge.  This powerful challenge covers topics such as building your unique strengths, utilising your skills and increase your confidence. Each day, you will receive a daily video with activities that will help you put these abilities to practice. Mapping Your Road to Resilience! 

Building Resilience Benefits

bounce back

Bounce Back Better

You will find ways to bounce back better, emerge stronger and be more effective in life. You will be calm, focused and grounded

Be More Courageous

People with Courage embrace the future with a curious mind, an open heart, and the confidence to take action when needed

Increased Connection 

Increase connection inside and outside. With self. Body Mind and Spirit! Good connection with family and friends. Good for overall Wellbeing and Support

sound therapy

Creative Living  

You will find creative ways to expand and find new possibilities in the challenges. Learning new skills and ways to adapt and adopt. Remaining flexible.  

As we live in uncertain times, where our world and challenges are evolving fast,

 Building Resilience is Key.

Reduce anxiety levels

You learn to have a better relationship with your anxiety. Understand your anxiety, listen to your anxiety. It's talking to you! Accept anxiety! YES! This way the conflict with anxiety melts away. It empowering to take the step in the right direction. More confidence, resilience and less anxiety. 

improve mental health 

The  chaos gets calm in the mind. The worry, the stress and the overthinking creates chaos. Myriads of "what if " playing havoc in the playground of the mind.   With Resilience you calm the mind and have the ability to think better.

Bring yourself back into balance 

mentally and emotionally. 

Start to feel alive as you build resilience!!! 

Road to Resilience is much easier with Support 

             Anjana Lala

I am your Empowerment Coach (for women 40+) helping you Master Modern-Day Midlife™. It's all about the Mind, Money and Menopause.

My mission is .....Educating How to be Fearless, Fabulous and Fit with a huge dose of Fun. Connect with Yourself. Getting Curious about Life to Design your Life. Live Consciously with Excitement and Energy.  Fully Expressed. Visibly, Unapologetic!

To know more about me: Anjana Lala 


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DISCLAIMER: This 5 Day Challenge Build Your Resilience - does not replace any trauma recovery or mental health treatment of a medical or psychological nature. 'Individuals who have physical or psychological/psychiatric conditions that require strict regulation, individuals with fragile psychological defences, a complex history of trauma/mental health illness or restricting physical or medical limitations should consult their medical practitioner prior to participating in this challenge.'

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