Lightness of Being  Masterclass

Helping you move from heaviness to lightness energetically, emotionally and mentally 

05 NOVEMBER 2021 


Are you feeling weighed down by life, loss or lethargy? 

Collective fear energy causing anxiety?

Has life been so heavy with all the responsibility? 

Let me help you taKe the load off, Make your energy lighter.

Let your being feel  spacious and free

Lets get together and have some fun. 

Lets laugh together! 

Mother nature has given us the gift of laughter to help us cope with

life's challenges struggles. 

“I  know you thinking how can I laugh when I am going through tough times. I need to be focused and serious! But I am here to tell you that you don't have to.

Hear me out ...”

 Benefits of Laughing 

Art of Happiness Institute

Laughter is our inherent nature. It's part of your biology

Stress Awareness

Laughter reduces stress quickly! I kid you not...

Laughter makes you feel better

Laughter calms the anxious mind so you can focus better

powerr of i am

Laughter shifts your bad mood to feel good mood

Art of Happiness Institute

Laughter heals a broken heart. Uplifts the spirit.

power of i am

Its good to put yourself first  

Its okay to take a break and put yourself first. Just let go and do something for you. Don't let guilt, shame stop you. Taking care of you is okay. Damn girl it's your divine right! Give yourself permission to do something fun. Do something for you. something different. something new. 

Laughter is Very Good Medicine! 

Anjana Lala - Art of Happiness
Anjana Lala

I am an Empowerment Coach for Women helping them Master Modern Day Midlife. Make an impact in their life as women and leader. Supporting women to re-invent themselves to live life with courage, clarity and confidence.  Thriving at life with a sense of ease, excitement energy. 

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and feel lighter! feel alive! feel excited! 

05 NOVEMBER 2021

online 11am-12pm

Lightness of Being

Come lighten your load Mentally, Emotionally and Physically 

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